Married to a College Basketball Coach and the Madness That Goes Along With Raising a Family in This Hectic Business

Sometimes in life material just presents itself.  I never set out to write a blog but life kept presenting me with one chaotic mess after another until one day I said, “I need to write this sh*t down or no one will believe me.”  It all started when I married a college basketball coach and with that came the majority of my material. In our first seven years of marriage we had four children, two dogs, and moved five times.  Let’s just say the family life of a college coach is not your typical Beaver Cleaver household. I don’t think June had to have her neighbors drive her the hospital to give birth. In addition to being married to a coach, our kids (due to the fact that they were always in the gym with dad) turned out to be pretty good athletes.  When you raise athletes you are privy to another surplus of material – youth sports. From screaming parents to bench clearing brawls, I have seen it all. And finally, if that was not enough material knocking on my brain there was one last little piece I failed to mention. My husband had a very public affair that change the entire course of all of our lives. If anything, I want the reader to enjoy my story, laugh a lot, and realize that no matter what life throws at you, you can always find the humor and claw your way back to the top.