After I found out that Derek had a stable job the first thing on my priority list was to get pregnant.  I know it sounds like I am some baby crazed maniac but that is really not the case.  I knew I wanted more kids and if I waited too long and things started getting easier (no more diapers, 4:00 am feedings, jars of baby food) it would be really hard to get back into that baby phase again.  The infant stage was the most isolating and constraining time in my life because so if we could speed the process up I was all for it.

When I thought of children I thought of baking cookies, playing catch, family fun nights.  No one told me it took at least five years to even get to that point.  That is why I wanted to get pregnant right away.  I wanted to have stair stepper children so I could get that infant phase over and they would have instant playmates.   We were already a year behind where we wanted to be at this time so I wanted to get on with it.  Needless to say, I am very goal-oriented and I needed to get back to the plan.  Right now it seems like having babies is the only thing I can control in this marriage.  A month after we found out Derek got the job I was pregnant with our third child.

Deja Vu
Girl #3 – better buy stock in Playtex

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