I never really knew how much basketball consumed our lives until I took my daughter to her first soccer practice.  It was our oldest daughter so it was our first time as parents introducing any of our children to an organized sport.  It was a very exciting time for us.  Because we were both athletes it was something we wanted our children to be involved in and this was the first test.  I have to admit that there was always that fear of, “what if my kids are not athletes?” Athletics is all I knew and I didn’t know if I would be able to relate to a child who didn’t want to play anything.  I think it is the same for any parent – those that play a musical instrument or sing in the choir or act in the school play or discover a new planet hope that their children follow the same path.  Not because they want to live through their children but just so they can have something in common, something they can share together.

Basketball – check

My husband and I were watching Bailey’s first practice and the coach lined up the children on the end line and told them to dribble the ball to the other side of the field.  My daughter immediately picked up the ball and started dribbling it like a basketball down to the other end.  I don’t think I laughed so hard in my life, that is, until I took my second oldest daughter to her first basketball practice.  This is when I realized that not only did basketball consume our lives but MEN’S basketball consumed our lives.  The coach asked the girls if anyone knew how to set a pick so my daughter raised her hand.  When she went to set a pick she put her hands down at her crotch area like the men do to protect their family jewels when setting a pick rather than across her chest like the ladies are taught.  Sometimes life just stops you in your tracks and you have to laugh.

I know she did not learn to pose like that from me.   Softball -check
Soccer -check
Volleyball – check


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