I read the divorce rate for college coaches is three times higher than the normal population.  If the divorce rate for the regular population is one of every two marriages then what does that make it for the coaching population?  Are you divorced before you even get married? Although living a life of independence made the duties of motherhood seem like an uphill battle, my independence is what made being married to a coach manageable.  If you are not an independent woman then marrying a coach would not be a good choice for you.

Who would want to divorce this?

If you marry a coach be prepared to spend a lot of time alone and familiarize yourself with a cell phone.  The cell phone is my lifeline to my husband.  Half the time I don’t know what city, state, or even sometimes, country he is in.  My friends will say, “Is your husband out of town?  Where is he?” I can honestly respond that I have no idea where he is.  All I know is that when I dial this number he will pick up.  A lot of my friends can’t believe that I don’t know if my husband is in Texas, California, Illinois, or Michigan and many of them say, “I don’t know how you do it with your husband gone so much” and to that I respond, “I don’t know how you do it having you husband home every day at 6:00.”  My husband’s travel schedule has made our marriage stronger.  When he is gone I have time to miss him and not take him granted.  When he is gone my laundry decreases, I feed the kids cereal for dinner, and I can watch my TV dramas in bed instead of SportsCenter.  But, I also get a high knowing that he is coming home – knowing that I have someone to help me cart the kids around, someone to take the dog out at night and someone to lie close to me at night and protect me.  I highly recommend a travelling spouse for a happy marriage.  Everyone needs their space.  It doesn’t matter how much in love you are with someone – we all need time to be by ourselves.

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