Games at the pro level were much different than the college level.  In the pros, they had a room exclusively for players and coaches families where they provided free babysitting for the adults who wanted to watch the games.  You could leave your kids with the babysitter and enjoy watching the game in peace.  After the games the families could congregate in this room while they were waiting for their husbands.  Talk about feeling out of place.  There we were in our Wal-Mart clothes and disheveled hair among children dressed in Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms with newly styled salon hair.  The wives had perfect nails, perfect hair, designer handbags, and clothing.  Some players had an entourage or “posse” – high school or childhood friends of the players that get paid for taking the clothes to the dry cleaner, going to the grocery store, and basically running any errand that needed to be done.  These players were making millions and they would provide their entourage with a salary for cleaning up their dog’s shit.  There was a lot of money in that room. Some of them probably got fined more in two weeks than we made in a year.

Pass to the Wives Lounge
Bailey with Harry the Hawk
Harry the Hawk takes a bite out of grandpa

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