November 27, 2011 –we lost our sweet Baskerville.  He was 10 days shy of his 16th birthday.  Unlike Tisdale, we put Baskerville down.  He was blind, having seizures, and losing weight – we knew he was suffering.  It was one of the hardest things I have been through and even though I know it was the best decision it was still hard to choose to end a life.  He was so stubborn and I know he was hanging onto what little life he had left for us.  We had to make the decision for him or he would have kept on suffering.  We all got to say good bye to him.  The kids made him a friendship bracelet and put it on his paw.  I never knew love could hurt so much. We hung out together every day.  It was so hard to walk into the house and not have him come sniff me out.  He was such a gentle and loving dog.  We loved him so so much and we hope he is with Tisdale at Rainbow Bridge.



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