One other memory that I will never forget was the birth of our third child, Jade.  She was not due for another week when my mom arrived in Las Vegas to help out with the birth and with Bailey and Sam.  We picked my mom up from the airport at 1:00 pm and at 3:00 pm my water broke.  Perfect timing, Mom!  It was a Sunday afternoon and Derek did not have practice that day.  The chances of giving birth when your husband has an off day are probably less than winning the lottery.  My husband took me to the hospital and my mom stayed home with the younger kids.  It couldn’t have been smoother.  You have heard that kids take on the personality of the name they are given well I think my third child took on the personality of the place where she was born.  She is truly my Las Vegas child.  She likes glitz and glamour.  Her friends play with Barbies and she has to play with Bratz.   She wants any clothes or accessory that has glitter. She is always mesmerized by any babysitter that has body piercings.  She is always shaking her booty to every song on the radio.  Everyone that meets her says to me, “You are going to have trouble with that one.”  I am already resigned to the fact that she will one day be dancing around a pole.

Have you truly experienced Las Vegas if you have never been sent to Sunrise Hospital?
Jade’s first trip to The Strip. The Bellagio at Christmas time
Derek and Jade with great grandma Edye
Sam about to kick Bailey’s ass because she got to hold Jade before her.
My short do phase

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