In June 2003 we packed up the house in Las Vegas and moved to small town, Macomb, in Illinois.  It was a 26 hour drive with three kids under the age of five, two dogs, and my eight month pregnant belly.  I was very in tune with every blue “H” sign I saw.  I never noticed them before but they are signs that signify a hospital is in the vicinity.  I made sure I knew where every hospital was just in case this baby wanted to come early.  The first day we drove all night and made it to Colorado before we decided to stop and check into a hotel room.  I know we were a sight with the young kids, big belly and two basset hounds.  People couldn’t help but laugh at us.  It was a difficult stop because the sun was coming up and the kids had slept in the car so they were energized but all my husband and I wanted to do was sleep.  We managed to get a few hours of sleep and started back on the road.  We drove through the mountains of Colorado and Utah and the cornfields of Nebraska and Iowa.  We reached our next pit stop around three in the morning.  This time everyone was exhausted and we all slept into the late morning hours.  We only had four more hours to our destination.  We were well rested and excited to get to our new home.  Thus far, the drive was pretty uneventful.  No labor pains.  No unusual sightings.  Then, as we drove into this small town that was going to be hour home for the next five years, we saw this huge robotic/tank looking thing driving down the road.  It looked like it came straight out of the movie “Thunderdome”.  I have seen farm equipment on the road before but this thing was a monster.  It looked like it could fit an entire automobile underneath its belly and just crush it.  My children were scared and crying because they had never seen anything like it in their young lives. Finally, we arrived. We arrived at our dorm room!?! Derek was no longer working in a big program with a big budget and this was just the start of the cutbacks we would have to get used to.  All the other programs put us up in hotels while we were waiting to close on our house and waiting for our furniture but here we were put up in Lincoln Dormitory.

Good Bye Las Vegas
Hello Macomb, Illinois
By the look on my face I know I am done. Fourth and final
And look at that – it’s a boy! The psychic was right


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