It is amazing how many friends you have when you are winning. The whole world is your friend and you start to hear from people that you haven’t heard from in over 10 years.  Everyone wants to come and be a part of the magic and in order to be a part of the magic they all need tickets.  People assume that because you are a coach you are entitled to as many tickets as you want – free tickets.  The fact of the matter is that the school allots so many free tickets to each coach and it usually is enough to accommodate the immediate family. So, I would always have to laugh when someone would request 8 tickets and keep in mind that five other people requested tickets for that particular game too.  It is hard to say no because you want them to think you are so invaluable to the university that they just hand over the tickets but it doesn’t work like that.  Eventually you fess up that you only get four free tickets but you would gladly give them the number to call to buy tickets.  What I want to know is where all these people are when you are losing?  No one calls when you are losing.  No one comes to visit because it is no fun to watch a loser.  When you are losing you know who your true friends are.  They are the ones who still come to visit and they are the ones who call you after every loss and try to pick you up.  They lend an open ear and they let you vent out all your frustrations.  There is no better test for a friendship than a losing record.

Bob and Jen Ramsey
Rick Walters and Pat Murphy
Paul and Melissa Ellis
Donn and Sandy Parr


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