We were married!  There was no way out now.  At least when we were dating I always had that out but now wherever he goes I go, which at this point has not been so bad.  He coached college at St. Louis University (which he lost 2 months into us dating) then he coached high school at CBC which was right down the road from St. Louis University and then he went back to St. Louis University so I didn’t even have to move one box. I knew the coaching life could be a hard life with many moves and stresses. But, so far with three jobs under his belt, I didn’t even have to move across county lines. Life was good. Then we did what every newly married couple does – we brought pets into the equation thinking they would someday be a good transition to children.  Our pets of choice were dogs. Word of warning to young couples – dogs in no way simulate children.  You cannot lock your child in crate for 8 hours while you go to work.  We purchased two basset hounds and named them Baskerville (after Baskerville Holmes who played at Memphis State) and Tisdale (after Wayman Tisdale who played at Oklahoma) – again, life always revolving around basketball. Soon we discovered that dogs were a lot of work.  They chewed up the legs on our kitchen table, they peed all over the house, they tore up our couch and they woke us up at the crack of dawn.  We no longer had the freedom to stay out all night or go out of town without making arrangements for someone to feed them or take them out.  Why would a carefree young couple with no responsibilities strap themselves down like that?  I have no idea why we did it.  If I knew then what I know now I would have held off on the dog purchase until we had kids and our lives were already run by something that drooled.  

Baskerville (white puppy) Tisdale (black puppy)
I didn’t do it.

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