1.     You went to a Catholic Preschool, Catholic Grade School, and Catholic High School

2.     You had a house guest named Jesus Christ. “Jesus Christ, who scratched the car?”, “Jesus Christ, where is my coffee?”

3.     You had to bring home a Church Bulletin to prove you went to Mass.

4.     You knew every Mass schedule in a 10 mile radius and which Mass lasted 45 minutes or less.

5.     Fish every Friday for dinner usually starting in March and lasting 40 days.

6.     You say a prayer before every sporting event.

7.     You went to therapy because you were traumatized to have to tell a stranger your deep, dark personal thoughts and then made to kneel and say the rosary 3 times.

8.     Your parents have worked in a Beer Booth.

9.     Your wedding took 2 hours.

10.  The song, “Be Not Afraid” reminds you of every funeral you have ever attended.

Cake for Shane's 1st Communion
You May Have Grown Up Catholic If . . .

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