We made it through the year so what is our fate? In March 2001, we find out that we will be unemployed after June. The mad dash to find a job begins again. If you are a coach and out of a job the best time of year is March/April.  It is March Madness and April Mayhem.  Coaches are getting fired and hired left and right.  When one job is filled another one opens up.  Many sports websites keep a tally because it is too difficult to keep up with and it is dubbed the “coaching carousel”.  My husband would come home with different scenarios every day – “If so and so gets this job then maybe I can go with him” or “The AD used to work with this guy so he may hire him and he is a real good buddy of my friend so I could have a shot to go with him”.  It went on like that for a few months.  Many of my friends wondered how I could live on a constant roller coaster but I always found that time of year exciting – imaging myself in a new house living in different parts of the country.  The daydreaming was fun but when you get the actual call from your husband stating he got a job then the stress started.

We got that call at the beginning of April.  Derek’s former boss came out of retirement and accepted a head coaching job  at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV)  He asked Derek to come with him.  I am a mid-western girl and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would end out west.  Anything west of the Mississippi seemed foreign to me. 

UNLV staff
Desert . . . Here we come

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