Some players leave the program because they graduate, some players transfer because the school is just not a good fit, and unfortunately some players are asked to leave.  There was one particular player on the team that had “issues” and the staff and athletic administrators had just about had it with him.  He was given several chances and it was obvious that he just didn’t get it and the administration had no other choice than to give him his walking papers.  This player always had problems with my husband because my husband always made him accountable for his actions. Derek doesn’t take crap from his four children so he certainly wasn’t going to take it from a 20 year old man who should know better.  So, as rumor has it, as this player was given his walking papers he vowed that he would “get back” at anyone who he felt treated him wrongfully.

My husband never told me about this little “threat” because he knew the kid was just mad and emotional that his poor behavior had finally caught up with him.  So it was to my surprise when I checked the answering machine one day and heard this message, “I don’t want to give you my name.  I want to stay anonymous.  I have some disturbing news, your husband is banging the athletic director.  I saw them at a hotel awhile back at the tournament.  The reason I know this is because she is my girl.  I wanted to give you a heads up.  Don’t take his shit.”  My first reaction was shock.  Just to hear the words that your husband is cheating no matter who it is from stops you in your tracks.  I called Derek at work and played him the message that was left on our voice recorder.  He knew exactly who it was after the first word was muttered.  He told me about the threat and I had to wonder – do any other wives have to deal with this kind of drama with their husband’s occupation? Or was I being the naïve, loyal wife who would believe anything her husband told her?

Things that make you go Hmmmm

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