It is the end of July and the Club Basketball season is winding down. I have been in the gym for days, my butt is sore from sitting on the aluminum bleachers, and I am down $300 for entrance fees.  Along with the gym locker ambiance and the smell of sweaty feet, I also get the pleasure of listening to the chatter of parents who think their kid is destined to be a Super Star.  No matter what sport of choice, everyone has been around “those” parents. Here are eight clues that you might be one of “those” parents:

  1. Your kid has been on six different teams in one year because you haven’t found the “right” fit.
  2. You would rather your kid score 30 points and lose the game than score 10 points and win the game.
  3. Your kid should start every game and play 40 minutes.
  4. The entire family shows up with t-shirts that say, “Brother of #24, Mom of #24, Dad of #24, Grandma of #24”
  5. You will track down the volunteer coach in the parking lot to discuss your kid’s playing time.
  6. You scream, “Shoot” every time your kid touches the ball and “Pass the Ball” when any other person on the team has the ball.
  7. You scream at the score keeper that they forgot to give your team two points even though your team is up 30 with ten seconds left in the game.
  8. Your kid has repeated the 8th grade twice and can drive himself to his 14U Club Ball practice.
Shane focuses in on the hoop
Jade at Ballin’ in the Ballroom
Our accessories during July – tournament bracelets

3 Replies to “Youth Sports: Eight Clues That You Might Be One of “Those” Parents”

  1. Ha !!! These are all true and funny especially #8, I’ve seen these reporters ! And my guy has refused when I jokingly offered if he’d
    Like too !!! Great post J !

  2. Oh………you are correct – there are “these parents” in every Sport. Don’t know who is worse – the moms or the dads!
    I have grown to detest “those”soccer parents, but have made some real friendships over the course of the last 13+ years with a few of the good ones!

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